“Consultancy is more than just giving advice.”

That’s a motto I live by. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving advice and using my experience and knowledge to support companies in their endeavors. However, I’m also always ready to get my hands dirty providing advice. And that’s what consultancy is for me. Seeing the problem is one thing, coming up with a solution is the next, but actively solving it yourself, that’s where I excel.

Consultancy is, in my opinion at least, not something you get taught. It’s something you’re born with. For me, it’s more of a reflex to spot problems and provide feedback. Getting to a solution is done in the dialogue that follows.


Everywhere and anytime

I don’t limit myself to specific sectors or assignments, rather I want to (be able to) help everywhere! You can find a selection of my occupations below. Call me a business coach, a sparring partner, or simply an amicable partner with a sense of business and a lot of experience. Whatever you call it, it comes down to this: I’m at the ready with advice, solutions and a whole lot of enthusiasm.


From concept to creation to production. I provide support during all steps of the process. I feel at home in the world of graphical design and I have a network of experienced professionals at my disposal to make your project as awesome as possible.

Marketing & communication

In the world of event planning, DJs and design, etc… marketing is never far away. I manage the socials of my DJs during their performances and I’m quite experienced doing so. For my longtime friend, Nick Kraft, I set up an entire campaign on socials during his time on Big Brother to get him votes.

Planning & organisation

Do you have an event, an exhibition, a display, … upcoming? Do you need help planning and organizing it? With my experience in tour & event management, I’m the ideal addition to your project team.

Trilingual support: Dutch, English and Polish

Does your company have Dutch or Polish employees and do you need translations? Or are you thinking about moving your company abroad to Belgium, Holland or Poland? I can help you with that! Growing up trilingual, I have a feel for local nuances, customs and culture. Together with my sense of business, I’m an ideal partner to help shape the Dutch or Polish side of your company.

“Consultancy is more than just giving advice!

" I’ll handle it! "

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