Entrec - Reckitt Benckiser Polen

During an assignment for Entrec in Poland, Sebastian got to combine his knowledge of the Polish language and Polish culture. He didn’t stop there though, because he submerged himself fully in the technical aspect of the machines as well.

An official translator is a great addition to your company when you’re working in an international environment or when you have employees that speak a different language. An even greater difference can be made when you hire someone that doesn’t only speak the language, but also knows the culture and its important nuances. If you want to do even better than that, and want someone that submerges themselves fully in the subject, that’s Sebastian.

“… And I could easily order food! ”

The father of one of his friends has a company called Entrec. Entrec has a lot of customers in a lot of different countries. One of those companies is the Polish Reckitt Benckiser, which makes the Finish-tablets for dishwashers. And they do it fast!* Because the Hofstede family has known Sebastian for quite some time, they know he’s originally from Poland. When a new machine had to be introduced and a manual had to be provided for the Polish employees, the question soon arose for Sebastian to give support as a Polish consultant. His feel for technical devices was a big plus, because a manual had to be made and a training course had to be provided. Sebas knows his way around in Poland, he knows the culture and, not unimportantly, knows exactly what to order at restaurants.

“Polish culture really is something else. Knowing their language is essential. Polish people are strong negotiators and local products will always be put above anything else. Price is also an important deciding factor.”
Quickly gained their trust

Because Sebastian had made the new manual and had gone through all existing manuals, he was well-informed and submerged in the new machine. Despite the pressure and the magnitude of the project, Sebas managed to work efficiently and effectively to provide the brand new manual. When problems arose and another part had to be added to the manual, Sebas knew exactly what he had to do. He wrote the new part, took the pictures himself and implemented them.
Once the training courses started, Sebastian knew every in and every out of the machine. Operators were invited to the conference room where they were instructed about the new machine. Sebas translated everything for the operators, but it was mainly during breaks that Sebastian excelled. He managed to gain their trust by speaking their language and after every break, the training became easier. Conclusion: a beautiful interaction between Sebas and the Polish employees where both parties got to learn from each other.

*Fast? Really fast! The machine runs 24/7 and produces:
1.100 tablets per minute
66.000 tablets per hour
1.584.000 tablets per day
11.088.000 tablets per week
578.160.000 tablets per year

“The project with Entrec made my Polish heart beat faster and fonder. I can’t wait until the next project where I can use my Polish roots again” – Sebas

– – –
Written by Cédric