Mark with a K

If you spend hours and hours together in a car, the line between friends and colleagues gets blurry.

While Sebas is telling us about Mark, that line isn’t clear at all. Every weekend, Mark, MC Chucky & Sebas are together in the car on the way to festivals and events. Sebastian tells us that during the Corona-pandemic, one of the things he missed most, were the conversations they had in the car. That says it all, really, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Sebas my tourlife has only gotten easier. I know that everything will be arranged and that I will not have to worry about anything.
Mark with a K
Mark with a K
From mArk to Z

If we need a clear example of total unburdening, this working relationship is the perfect one. Sebastian arranges everything for Mark when it comes to tour management. The schedules are made externally, which the team implements. Sebas is always at the ready to drive Mark to their shows and even when there are multiple shows in one day, Sebas is at the wheel.

Mark also trusts Sebas with his socials before, during and after showcases. He makes sure that there is enough content to share and supports Mark when (rarely though) things go wrong. The communication between organization and artist usually all goes via Sebastian. Sebas knows Mark so well that he knows exactly what needs to happen in order to guarantee a flawless show.

Ever look at the designs and posters that Mark uses? Most of them are designed by Sebastian. Just a quick glance in the portfolio on this website shows you how many of them. Finally, but not unimportantly, Sebas is usually in contact with the Front of House to choose moments for the launch of CO2, confetti and fire.

Mark With a (cloc)K

When Sebas told me that the team once had 4 festivals in one day, I almost fell from my chair. Literally! The day that they traveled the most distance, they drove 1.200km. That’s enormous… and then they still have to play their shows. Once the summer starts and the festivals begin, the team is ready to give it their all. 200% energy. Every single time. 200% energy on stage means that you have to be able to decompress between shows and, thus, in the car. Sebas makes sure Mark can do exactly that.

The Qontinent, Decibel, Sunrise, Sunset Festival, Reverze, Fantasia Festival, Hype-O-Dream, Rebirth, Dream Village, Pussy Lounge, Beachland, Dreambeats… Those festivals no longer hold any secrets for Sebas, Mark and MC Chucky. One of the reasons that they can play everywhere and beat their tight deadlines is Sebas.

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Written by Cédric