Liters, liters, liters and liters of beer.

Famous for a bunch of things, but one thing in particular, Oktoberfest and its high consumption of beer. It’s also the home of dirty, German beats, usually preceded by some of the biggest names in Schlager-music. Oktoberfest is organized by two pairs of brothers, namely the Brothers Jorissen and the Brothers Van de Mosselaer. In 2021, there were 3 editions of Oktoberfest in just 4 weeks. Crazy! What’s even more crazy, you can have one guess on who was there to help oversee all 3 editions. You guessed it: Sebas!

Jack of all trades

When talking to Sebas, what strikes me the most in his stories is how he always manages to “see work”. Not everyone has this quality, but Sebas proactively feels where and when there’s a danger of bottlenecks. Those are destructive for parties, because they lead to frustrations. In that case, Sebas not only puts the right people in the right places, but he actively helps them to get rid of their lines. That, more than anything else, proves what kind of work force Sebas is. At Oktoberfest his job mainly consisted of ‘crowd control’. He was a point of contact for all workers, had to oversee the danger for bottlenecks and had to make sure everyone was having a good time. Everyone who has seen the aftermovie of the event, knows that Oktoberfest succeeded fully in that last regard.

“It may not be my style of music, but I have an immense respect for Willy Sommers. The atmosphere he creates and the way he gave shape to his career is beyond a doubt impressive to me.” – Sebas

Home Game and half a marathon

“De Veilinghallen” from Cooperation Hoogstraten are, to put it lightly, gigantic. Hoogstraten gave location to two editions of Oktoberfest, one on Friday, the other on Saturday. Saturday’s edition, with 4.200 people present, was the most amazing one. Hundreds of liters of beer, Willy Sommers, “De Romeo’s”, but also Ronny Retro and Double-U Von Tirol… it had everything it needed! Did you know that Oktoberfest is one of the only events that actually always manages to reach their beer-target? This again proves that the organization does a wonderful job. The upside of having this “Home Game” for Sebas in Hoogstraten: after walking 40 km on foot during two parties in “De Veilinghallen”, Sebastian quickly lay in his bed.

– – –
Written by Cédric