Ronny Retro

Trashy hair, trashy clothes, white socks in sandals and dirty beats.

Ronny Retro (Nick Kraft’s DJ character) is a unique character and has somewhat of a New Kids-vibe. Ronny is still a fairly recent invention by Nick Kraft and has recently come up to speed, but he is rapidly gaining popularity. Someone in the front row to follow and shape that evolution: Sebas.

Our collaboration is really nice. I know I can count on Sebas and he knows how to handle me as an artist. Sebas radiates tranquility. Our friendship is the reason that, apart from business, we can spend some fun evenings together as well. That’s why we talk almost daily, apart from work.
Time for creativity

If there’s room in his schedule, Sebas joins Ronny Retro’s shows as tour manager, but the bond between Sebas and Nick goes beyond that. Nick and Sebastian have known each other for a long time and are close friends, so Nick knows that everything will be alright if Sebas accompanies him.

As an independent and proactive person, Sebas will prevent or solve problems and make sure that everything goes the way Nick wants it to. Sebastian will also always give his opinion and always expresses his creative ideas. Nick appreciates this and that’s why he takes him along to the recordings of his video clips. That’s where Sebas’ creative eye comes in handy.

Ronny at ‘Den Bosuil’

Also during Ronny Retro’s brand new music video, which was shot in Antwerp. They spent the whole day shooting in the large Antwerp-area at different iconic locations. They started their day at the Havenhuis, went to the bridge of Park Spoor Noord (see photo), continued to the Groenplaats during the build-up of the Bollekesfeesten (where he also had to perform the next day), walked down the Meir and ended their day for the finishing touch at the legendary Antwerp football stadium, ‘Den Bosuil’. The clip is fantastic and this is partly thanks to the team behind Ronny, including director John van Noten (BIP Records) and, of course, Sebastian.

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Written by Cédric