Go hard or go home!

Sunset Festival was one of the first festivals after the Corona-pandemic to get the green light. The location is great (de Lilse Bergen), the music is fantastic and the audience and the DJs were looking forward to it for months. Freedom, finally! After obligatorily not organizing any events for so long, Sunset Festival had to be right on the money. It had to be perfect and they needed a lot of people with a lot of expertise to make sure everything went smoothly.

Seeing work and spotting problems

Sebas had his desk at a certain moment right at the entrance of Sunset Festival. He was their gatekeeper. Gatekeepers need a lot of know-how about logistics and festivals to do their job well, because they need to see what could go wrong ahead of time. They found their perfect gatekeeper in Sebastian, who quickly integrated and saw problems before they were problems. That way, a lot of time, money and energy was saved so that the festival could go ahead smoothly.

Graphic design

As a gatekeeper you can choose to only work reactively. See what comes your way and deal with it then. Sebas can’t do this and it’s a good thing he can’t. He has to feel useful. During his job as a gatekeeper, he simultaneously did graphical work for the festival. He made sure that there was enough graphical support for the DJs. On assignment of Mark Stoker (Hoppa Marketing), Sebas made stage-hostings and templates, so everyone could promote the festival.

Because of the Corona-pandemic, it was necessary to create a lot of buzz around the event, so that people really believed the festival would go ahead. Sebas, in order of Gilles Gaspar (Slipstream Media), helped film short informative clips with Mark With a K and Ronny Retro, where Sebas’ creativity really came in handy. He knew what to shoot and had a lot of creative ideas to make the videos better.

– – –
Written by Cédric